Selfmade Shi


Shitaye (pronounced Shy Taye) Maria Morrison was born in Detroit Michigan to Mary Clark and Bernard Clark on 10/24/1986. She moved to Pittsburgh, PA at 14 years old. Growing up, she watched her mother struggle through heartache, while working multiple jobs to make ends meet, going to school and raising 3 kids. This is what inspired the passion and hustle in Shitaye. Growing into a woman, she also experienced some of the same struggles as her mother. Which is what pushed her to thrive.  


Shitaye has been on a mission to provide a financially care-free lifestyle for her family since day one. From writing books, to Youtubingowning a spa, and now a shapewear and Fitnesswear line, she is determined to make it out of poverty and she’s bringing everyone she loves along with her. Bodied by Shi is a brand created by her, to provide the world with high quality, luxurious items at an affordable price.  Her will to inspire, serve, and touch the lives of many is genuine and it's what keeps her motivated each day. 


She is a Woman of God, Mother of 3. Daughter, Sister, Aunt…….AND A BOSS!!