Out with the old in with the new

Out with the old in with the new

As we enter the month of October (My birthday Month!!!!) and we draw closer to the close of a very interesting year. I can't help but to reflect back on everything I've gone through (and still going through) thus far. I walked into 2022 knowing what I wanted out of this year, but unaware of what God wanted from me in order for me to walk into my purpose with the right people. Wasn't long into the year that life started coming at me HARD causing those people, places, and things to reveal them selves. Guess it's safe to say once again, I had to learn the HARD WAY.  But I'm grateful because a lot of the things I went through, a lot of the people that hurt me were exactly what I needed to move on to the next phase of my life. 

This year was rough. And it's still not over. So many obstacles, so many lessons, and so much 


The definition is a Physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury. However, pain can also be an indicator of the birthing of "New things" or "Great Things". For example: Before a woman gives birth she carries a baby for 9 months. Her first 2 trimesters aren't usually that painful, maybe some morning sickness blues in the beginning and a few cramps from growing pains as she begins to protrude during the middle stages. But as she gets further into her last trimester, the weight of the baby gets heavier, causing back pain. She begins to produce breast milk causing her breast to become tender and achy to touch. As she draws closer to her due date, she is relieved at the thought of knowing soon all of it will be over and the pain will go away. However, the most painful part of pregnancy is when it's finally time to deliver the baby and she goes into labor. As her body goes through the necessary motions to prepare for delivery, the pressure in her back becomes unbearable while the baby drops lower. The excruciating cramping from the uterus contracting and the cervix spreading open so the baby can come through the birth canal is literally,  unimaginable but its REAL! With everything happening all at once this is the point in labor where most women become anxious, breathing gets heavier, and some even cry out for help. And then suddenly the baby makes its way through the birth canal and its head starts to crown. Mommy can look down and even through all her pain she feels joy at just a glimpse of the beauty she's producing. Causing her to push harder, bearing the pain, breathing through it and ignoring the torture knowing the worst part of this storm has to be weathered in order for her to experience the rainbow......Her baby! Congratulations Mommy you did it!! You birthed a new life! In spite of all the heaviness of carrying, and the pain you had to endure.
Now it's time to rejoice and Enjoy the fruits of your labor. 
"I consider that our present suffers are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us."
Romans 8:18
I'm not sure who this is for but when you finally get through this, God is going to replace every tear you cried out in pain and double it with tears of joy. 
-Stay down so nobody will notice when you come up :-)
Enjoy 50% off of my entire website as I get rid of all things old and prepare to replace it with everything new! 
Sincerely, Shi <3 
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